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Branca Stone Collection presents a wide range of products in natural stone resulting from a careful selection of the most beautiful stones at the most competitive prices.

Strategic partnerships allow us to select the best raw materials creating a final product of better quality.

The quality of our products it is mainly due to the quality of our stones as well as the experience and know-how accumulated over the years.

Beyond the various types of slabs and tiles with various dimensions and finishes, we specialized in the execution of special pieces of our own design or unique design created by our customers working in partnership with architects and designers from around the world.

We highlight among many others the marble and limestone basins, baths, interior and exterior furniture, staircases, bespoke tiles, artistic tiles and 3d facades in natural stone.

Arquitects and designers love Branca Stone Collection because whatever they create Branca Stone Collection accomplishes.

The bespoke tiles can be created for a particular room where each tile is cut precisely with the proportion of the space allowing you to create classic or contemporary design floors, making use of various types of natural stone to create contrast of colors that bring a unique elegance and sophistication to your floors .

Applying the open book or butterfly method in slabs opens up stunning possibilities taking advantage of the original stone designs to create authentic works of art.

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